You can be Fabulous at 50, 62, or even 70 and older!  You can be Fabulous, Fierce, and Ageless! There’s no reason not to
Fabulous Ageless Woman

Fabulous Ageless Woman

look fabulous at any age!  You can age gracefully, effortlessly, and comfortably into your skin and body with panache and confidence! The advancement of skin care means that the mature woman no longer has to resort to plastic surgery to look great at any age. Science and technology has taken great strides in skin care. The creams, serums, lasers, and injections available provide endless options to getting and having great skin.  We now also have many choices in anti-aging products in treatment and color.  Of course, we can’t just rely on technology to keep us looking great in our mature years.  We must eat healthy, exercise, and think positive thoughts that will be ultimately be reflected on our fabulous countenance.

                                                                            Dr. Ronald L. Moy, Renowned Scientist, Dermatologist, Cosmetic Surgeon is the Founder of the skin care line, DNA EGF RENEWAL.  His philosophy is “Repair the past and protect the future.”  His products contain active DNA Repair Enzymes that enable fresh young cells to proliferate and encourages the recognition and elimination of DNA damage; by hydrating, improving skin tone, and inhibiting age spots.
Maye Musk (age 64) a sexy-smart supermodel in demand around the world
The Renewal Foaming Cleanser did a good job of removing makeup and left my skin clean and glowing.  His Growth Factor Serum triggers skin and stem cell renewal. I used it at night and I liked the lightness of it.  Dr. Moy’s DNA Defense SPF 30+ is also lightweight and went into my skin flawlessly and blended well with my foundation.  His DNA Intensive Renewal attacks UV – induced damage to diminish and help prevent hyperpigmentation. The DNA Night Renewal improves skin elasticity and firmness.  You can check out Dr. Moy’s fabulous and fierce anti-aging line at http://www.dnaegfrenewal.com.
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